Below you will find hyperlinks to the online user guide sections.

 01. Downloading and Installing (Windows/PC)    01. What is a Conference?
 02. Downloading and Installing (Mac OSX)    02. What Conferences are Available in FirstClass?
 03. Downloading and Installing (Mac OS 8.x-9.x)    03. Reading Messages in a Conference
     04. Sending Messages to a Conference
   05. Checking Calendars Within Conferences
 01. Your E-mail Address    06. Add a Conference Shortcut to Your Desktop
 02. Logging In    07. Why use Conferences Instead of Mail Lists?
 03. The FirstClass Desktop    08. Request the Creation of a Conference
 04. The Toolbar    
 05. Storage Bar (Account Space Limit)  
 06. Changing Your Password    01. News and Events
       02. Learning Support  
   03. Faith Resources
 01. Reading a New Message    04. Policies and Admin Procedures
     05. Human Resources
   06. Pay and Benefits
 01. Creating a New Message    07. Staff Development
 02. Addressing Messages to a GSACRD Employee/Student    08. Schools, Programs and Services
 03. Addressing Messages to a Non-Employee    09. Just for Fun
 04. Addressing Messages to Multiple Recipients (Cc:)    10. Emergency Preparedness
 05. Addressing Messages to Multiple Recipients (Blind Cc:)    11. Sub Requests
 06. Typing and Formatting Messages    12. Professional Associations
 07. Sending Messages    13. Leave Request
 08. Sending Messages with Priority  
 09. Sending Messages with Sensitivity  
 10. Sending Registered Mail    01. What is FirstClass File Storage?
 11. Unsending Messages    02. How Much Space Do I Get?
 12. Checking Message History    03. Storing Files in FirstClass
     04. Downloading Files from FirstClass
   05. Deleting Files from File Storage
 01. Basic Reply to a Message    06. Changing Your File Storage View
 02. Replying to ALL Recipients of a Message  
 03. Replying with Quotes  
 04. Replying to Conferences  01. What is the Bookmarks folder?
 02. Saving Internet Bookmarks
 03. Renaming Bookmarks
 01. Deleting Mail    04. Visiting Saved Bookmarks
 02. Sorting Messages (by Sender, Date, Etc.)    05. Sorting Bookmarks
 03. Grouping and Ungrouping Messages    06. Deleting Bookmarks
 04. Creating Folders to Organize Saved Messages  
 05. Changing the Mailbox View - Split View  
 06. Changing the Expiration Date of Saved Messages    01. How Do I Access My Preferences?
 07. Deleting Folders    02. General Preferences
 08. Deleting Folders Without Deleting Messages Inside    03. Calendaring Preferences
   04. Content Preferences (Editing Mail)
   05. Content Preferences (Viewing Mail)
 01. Downloading an Attachment from a Mail Message    06. Viewing Preferences
 02. Downloading Multiple Attachments at Once    07. Messaging Preferences (Mail Rules)
 03. Choosing a Default Download Folder    08. Messaging Preferences (Inserting a Signature)
 04. Attaching a File to a Mail Message    09. Messaging Preferences (Chat)
 05. Attaching Multiple Files to a Mail Message  
 06. Deleting Attached Files from an Unsent Message  
   01. What Are Mail Rules?
   02. Creating Receive Mail Rules
 01. Adding an Individual to Your Contacts Folder    03. Creating Send Mail Rules
 02. Creating a Mail List of Glenbard Employees    04. Creating Advanced Rules
 03. Creating a Mail List of Non-Employees or Mixed List    05. Sorting Rules
 04. Using Your Mail Lists    06. Deleting Rules
 05. Shortcuts for Adding People to Your Contacts Folder    07. Rules Logs
 06. Changing Your Contacts Folder View  
 07. Adding Additional Contact Info to Your Contacts Folder  
 08. Adding a Photo to a Contact    01. What is Chat (Instant Message)?
   02. Respond to a Chat Invitation
   03. Start a Chat and Invite Participant(s)
 01. What Does My FirstClass Calendar Do?    04. Chat Controls
 02. Adding an Event to My Calendar    05. Saving a Chat Transcript
 03. Inviting Participants to a Calendar Event  
 04. Repeating Calendar Events  
 05. Setting Reminders for Calendar Events    01. Un-deleting Accidentally Deleted Mail
 06. Deleting Calendar Events    02. See Who's Online
 07. Changing Calendar Views    03. Spell Check
   04. Set Up Automatic Spell Check
   05. Mark Unread Messages as Read
 06. Drag & Drop Attachments